Types of Roulette
[ 11-03-2020 ]

Types of Roulette

In Online Casino, the best part of roulette game is the chances of winning between new beginner and experienced gamers is equally the same. Therefore, it become a very popular game for the gamblers. There are different kinds of roulette, basically two types which are American and European. Some criticize American wheel is less fair to the gamers as it add “00” slot to increase the advantage of casino while there is only a single zero in European version.

When gamers choose to play roulette in Online Casino, the more important thing is the house edge. Gamers should know the house edge in different roulettes. There are 38 slots in American wheel which consists of 36 regular numbers (1 to 36), 0 and 00. However, the casino only pay you 35 to 1. So, your odds will become 5.26%. When come to European wheel (or called Single Zero Roulette), the house edge become much lower which is only 2.63% because it has 37 spots. Due to its low house edge, European wheel is popular among gamblers.

Another difference between American roulette and European roulette is the design of layout. The numbers of American roulette are arranged according to the sequence while European wheels assign the number randomly.

There is another roulette called French wheel, it is seen to have no difference from the layout and numbers. The only difference is the rules underlying in French wheel. “En Prison” and “La Partage” are applicable when the ball reaches on zero slot, gamers are allowed either to receive 50% of the bets back or leave their bet for the next round.

It is critical for gamers to understand the outcome of roulette of Online Casino is randomly generated. In order to have better chance of winning, that is good for you to choose European wheel to bet on.

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